Here are 5 tips to making the Judges notice you!

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Here are 5 tips to making the Judges notice you!

The Top 20 under 40 Business and Community Achievement Awards is one of the top awards you can win on Vancouver Island.  Every year 100’s submit nominations and only 20 are awarded, so if you have applied before or are planning on applying this year – here is some great tips to help your nomination submission really stand out.


  1. Have a well-organized and well-designed submission.

Include in your nomination package a current resume, awards you have received, and anything you have that makes you stand out!  Do not be shy and put some energy into your submission, make it look clean, professional, and well planned out.   Contact a graphic designer to help like Katrina at Elite Image (past winner) to make it pop.  Also submit early – do not wait to the last minute to send in your nomination package.


  1. 50% business 50% Community

The award is based on your both your professional and community achievements so remember to balance your submission with both areas covered.  If you do not have a lot of community work – please go do some!  Every winner that we interview has said emphatically that the more you give the more you get back and it is the underlining principal of the Top 20 under 40 awards.  So get active in your community, donate some energy to causes that you believe in, and above all make a difference.


  1. Have a good head shot and bio!

guyI know this may seem simple but it is often the most overlooked part of a nomination submission but it sure adds to the overall professional look of your nomination package.  Not like this guy!

Have a 100 word bio about you – here is a great example:

(insert name here) has a passion for world travelling, non-profits, and building an amazing business.  When not in the community donating time to local charity needs such as (insert causes here), (he/she) is in the office (insert profession here) and enabling others to grow too.  (He/She) is a professional and caring leader with dedicated family values, and lives by the motto “work hard, play hard”.  When (he/she) needs to relax you can find him/her doing (insert pastime activity here)



  1. Recommendation letters

Have at least 3 letters of recommendation from community leaders and business leaders!  Keep them current and relatable to the award.  A great recommendation letter is one from a respected leader in your community so do not be shy to go ask for them.  Good examples are Mayors, notable Business Leaders, Past Winners, etc.



  1. Attend 20 under 40 events in your area

This is a great way to meet the Past Winners, our Sponsors, and Judges, get some tips and have some fun networking.  Also another great place to find some recommendation letter writers!


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