Organizers are looking for a cross section of professionals considered ahead of their time for their age.

This means they’ve progressed up the ranks of their company, industry or organization or have built their own company and demonstrated professional success and responsibility at a relatively young age.

Nominations by peers and colleagues will be accepted until February 15th, 2017. The regional judges will review the personal success of nominees and their education, community service, and participation in industry and business associations as well as other accolades and awards. Entries are open to Vancouver Island residents involved in the private, public and non-profit sectors who meet other eligibility requirements (see Rules & Regulations).


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1. Nomination: Provide us a quick overview of the candidate and let us know who is nominating them.

2. Summary of Achievements: Summarize the candidate’s achievements and explain why you are nominating them. In some cases, the nominee’s resume may provide sufficient explanation.

3. Letters of Reference may be attached to the nomination to substantiate the broad community support for the nominee.


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Please note that all information submitted is kept confidential and we do not notify the person nominated as to who nominated them.

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