Top 20 Winners

By December 19, 2014News

Congratulations to the Top 20 Under 40 – 2014 winners! Well done everyone.
Abel O’Brennan[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Anna Jones[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Chad Conrad[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Chantal Stefan[/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last]
Cody Dreger[/one_fifth_last] [one_fifth]
Cori McCaw[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Daniel Martinez[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Dr. Rebecca Morley[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Edwin Betinol[/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last]
Gord Groves[/one_fifth_last] [one_fifth]
Jameel Sayani[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Jennifer Millbank[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Jessica Cruise[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Julie Broad[/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last]
Kashi Tanaka[/one_fifth_last] [one_fifth]
Mark deFrias[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Professor Jeremy Wulff[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Raphael van Lierop[/one_fifth] [one_fifth]
Rasool Rayani[/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last]
Shawn Steele[/one_fifth_last]


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